Easy And Simple Fundraising

You can earn much needed $$$$$ for your School, Club, Community Group or Organization.

Here’s How:

ROBERTO’S Iconic Cheesecakes and Other Tasty Delights have been satisfying Customers for over 30 Years.

Your Fundraising effort will be assisted by our competent Team at ROBERTO’S to ensure a Profitable and Stress Free outcome.

Whether a:
- Special Project
- Trip Away for Students/Members
- Additional Equipment or Facilities

Look No Further Than Roberto’s

Our Discounted Wholesale Pricing means to every Cheesecake, Torte, Gateaux, or Mud Cake you can add a recommended.

$4.00 for every item Sold
So 500 Items sold = $2,000 clear Profit

Contact us now and we will call you to discuss and send you our Fund Raising Information Pack. Containing our Simple Fund Raising System.

Apart from our Famous Cheesecakes, Gateaux and Mudcakes we can also offer Muffins, Biscuits, Pies and Slices. Ask about our Seasonal Specialties.

“Any time is an ideal time to raise funds for any project”

Call 3209 2811 or mail@robertoscheesecakes.com.au