flans & pies

If you are not looking for a more traditional cake, why not try our wide range of flans and pies?

Our range of Flans and Pies are perfect for morning and afternoon tea.

We are located at 3414 Pacific Highway, Springwood. 

Brisbane Desserts
Apple Strudel

This all time favourite has apple slices with a mild cinnamon spice and is glazed with apricot jam.
2-4 serves $14.00

Gourmet Tarts Springwood
Citrus Flan

Short crust pastry with a tangy and lemon filling
25CM (14-16 serve)  $29.90

Brisbane take home desserts
Granny's Apple Pie

Sweet pastry case filled with homemade apple topped with pastry
25cm (14-16 serve)  $26.00

Gourmet Desserts Brisbane
Lemon Meringue Pie

Meringue on top of a creamy lemon mix.
25cm (14-16 serve) $32.90

Gourmet Tarts Brisbane
Pecan Pie

Our Pecan Tart has oodles of pecans cooked in a caramel sauce and finished with an apricot jam glaze.
25cm (14-16 serve) $34.50

Gourmet Tarts Brisbane
Macadamia Pie

Our Macadamia Pie is a delicious twist on a pecan pie. Filled with macadamias and cooked in a honey caramel sauce.
25cm (14-16 serve) $34.50