A Gateaux is also known as a layered cake. These dessert style cakes consist of layers of scrumptious vanilla or chocolate sponge with flavoured fillings.

We are open 7 days and located at 3414 Pacific Highway, Springwood.

Brisbane gourmet dessert
Black Forest Gateaux

Layers of chocolate sponge, cream & sour cherries with a Kirsch cherry liqueur. It is topped with cream, sour cherries & grated Cadbury chocolate. 
20cm (12 serve) $27.70
24cm (16-18 serve) $33.30

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Triple Choc Gateaux

Layers of chocolate sponge, choc custard cream and chocolate mousse, dressed with grated Cadbury chocolate.     
20cm (12 serve) $27.70
24cm (16-18 serve) $33.30

Takeaway dessert Brisbane
Strawberry Gateaux

Layers of vanilla sponge and strawberry cream. Dressed in white chocolate and strawberry pulp.
24cm (16-18 serve) $33.30

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Choc Mousse

Chocolate sponge layers with chocolate mousse filling. Dressed with chocolate ganache.
20cm (12 serve) $27.70
24cm (16-18 serve) $33.30

Springwood gourmet desserts
Caramel Torte

Layers of caramel cake separated by layers of luscious caramel cream.
20cm (12 serve) $27.70
24cm (16-18 serve) $33.30

Brisbane ready desserts
Choc Hazelnut Gateaux

Vanilla sponge made with layers of delicious Hazelnut Chocolate (Nutella) cream and finished with a covering of choc hazelnut topping.
24cm (16-18 serve) $33.30

Brisbane Gourmet Desserts
Choc Cherry Log

Chocolate cake with a layer of choc cream and sour cherries in the middle. Finished with chocolate ganache piping and sour cherries on top.
20cm (12 serve) $23.20

Brisbane desserts
Banofee Gateaux

Delicious Banana Cake using real bananas and filled with caramel and caramel cream and dressed in Cadbury chocolate.
24cm (16-18 serve) $34.80

Coffee Dessert Brisbane
Tiramisu Gateuax

Vanilla sponge with coffee cream. Contains Kahluha Liqueur.
20cm (12 serve) $30.50