A Gateaux is also known as a layered cake. These dessert style cakes consist of layers of scrumptious vanilla or chocolate sponge with flavoured fillings.

If you wish to add a personalised message to any of our Gateaux Cakes, a $15 fee does apply. 
This needs to be booked and paid a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Alternatively, we have key occasion chocolate plaques available in the fridge.

We are open 7 days and located at 3414 Pacific Highway, Springwood.

Contact us to order one of our scrumptious gateauxes.

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Black Forest Gateaux

Layers of chocolate sponge, cream & sour cherries with a Kirsch cherry liqueur. It is topped with cream, sour cherries & grated Cadbury chocolate. 
20cm (12 serve) $32.50
24cm (16-18 serve) $39.80

layered sponge cake with coffee cream and caramel with grated chocolate around the side
Banoffee Gateaux

Delicious Banana Cake using real bananas and filled with caramel and caramel cream and dressed in Cadbury chocolate.
24cm (16-18 serve) $41.50

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Strawberry Gateaux

Layers of vanilla sponge and strawberry cream. Dressed in white chocolate and strawberry pulp.
24cm (16-18 serve) $39.80

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Choc Mousse

Chocolate sponge layers with chocolate mousse filling. Dressed with a chocolate ganache drip.
20cm (12 serve) $32.50
24cm (16-18 serve) $39.80

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Caramel Torte

Layers of vanilla sponge separated by layers of luscious caramel cream and caramel sauce. Topped with a caramel ganache drip.
20cm (12 serve) $32.50
24cm (16-18 serve) $39.80

Hazelnut Gateaux nutella desserts
Choc Hazelnut Gateaux

Vanilla sponge made with layers of delicious Hazelnut Chocolate (Nutella) cream and finished with a covering of choc hazelnut topping.
24cm (16-18 serve) $39.80

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Tiramisu Gateuax

Vanilla sponge with coffee cream. Contains Kahluha Liqueur.
20cm (12 serve) $32.50